Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Glass Castle Pt. 3

1.) The Walls family moves into their North Third Street house. The children begin to attend Emerse, the local public school. Where all the children are placed in the "gifted" reading classes because they are already so excelled. Lori flunks her eye test hosted by the school nurse, but here mother says that glasses are just a sign that you need to work to make your eyes stronger. The school says that Lori cannot attend unless she gets glasses-so the school offers to pay for them. Their father suprises all the children with new bikes. Their mother starts her own art studio and gallery in the house and buys all new supplies with the inheritance. Rex Walls takes the family to the zoo to show them how the animals adapt to their environment. Rex begins to drink even more and causes a scene at the midnight christmas mass. On Jeannette's birthday he tells her that he would do anything for her if it is humanly possible and that if it wasn't he would die trying. So he asked her what she would like for her birthday, and she responds by asking for him to stop drinking. He tells the family that he would like them to leave him alone in the bedroom for awhile. He chains himself down to avoid from drinking for weeks. And it appears to have ended his alcoholic lifestyle. He comes out of the bedroom and informs the family that he thinks they should go on a road trip to the grand canyon.

2.) The author of my book is Jeannette Walls. Jeannette currently lives in the state of Virgina with her husband John Taylor-who is also a writer. She has worked at several publications such as The USA Today and New York Magazine. Her current job is being the Gossip Columnist at She appearently had many attempts to write a memoir about her childhood with her gambling addicted and alcoholic father. When she began to want a better life, she fled to live with her sister in New York. In New York she began to work numerous jobs to accumulate money until she was admitted to Bernards. She took journalism classes and began to work at New York Magazine.

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