Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Glass Castle Pt. 4 Post 2

In the beginning of this section, Jeannette is having troubles with bullies at her school. She did not want to confront her mother or father about them, knowing that would only make it worse. One of the bullies then asks Jeannette for her help on the English homework and Jeannette said yes. When her grandmother finds out that Jeannette helped an African American she gets furious. Mom and Dad Walls went back to Phoenix to get what was left of their things. But Mom’s “laundry on the clothesline” stunt didn’t work well, the whole house had been looted. When they came back to Welch Erma told them that she could not handle the kids anymore and told them it would be best for them to leave. But the adults made piece and they found that Welch was their new home. They moved to a home on Little Hobart Street, where they experienced their first winter in Welch. At the end of this section Jeannette tries to inform her mother that the family cannot go on living poor with no food or clothing. She tries to urge her to leave Dad but she would never do such a thing. They talked about how she would be able to go on welfare if that happened but her mother would not even consider it, she said that welfare would teach them bad morals and that they truly would not be learning anything.

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