Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Glass Castle-Pt. 2

1. Loaded Words
I. rich, pg. 51
- loaded because this could have a positive influence on people by them thinking that it would be great to have money, or it could be negative by them thinking that it is a snooty way to say wealthy.
-author used it to explain that they were going to strike it rich when they find gold.
II. scrawny, pg. 58
-loaded because there is a negative side to it in my view, i think think that it means someone very small and not built at all.
-author used it to say that some kids just were not very big or muscular.
III. Mexican, pg. 59
-loaded because it could have a negative or positive effect on the people who live in Mexico, or for enemies of Mexico.
-author used it to discribe a name.
IV. Kids, pg. 71
-could have a positive view for an adult wanting to be young or a negative view for a child wanting to be called a young adult.
-author used it because she was explaining that the children were not well behaved and that there was many of them.
V. freedom, pg. 73
-this is loaded because this word carries a lot of weight to some people who live in very strict and controled countries.
-the author used this to show that letting children have freedom lets them experience their full potential.
VI. crazy, pg. 91
-loaded because some use it negatively refering to a mental state and some discribe others actions.
-author used this because she wanted to show that mom didn't drive very safely it was "crazy"
VII. ugly, pg. 70
-loaded because it could really insult someone if they were to ever be called it. some could take it positively others could take it negatively.
-author used it to discribe mother's painting.
VIII. bellyaching, pg. 71
-loaded because its an extreme, its not a good thing. you feel really pestered.
-author used it to show how much complaining mother was doing to father.
IX. grave, pg. 88.
-loaded because it could refer to a face or an action or it could refer to a cemetary grave.
-author used it to discribe the childrens face so that you could understand that they were not happy faces.
X. grown-up, pg. 71
-loaded because it means they are more mature, they are older, elderly...
-im really sick of doing this...the author used this loaded word by showing the adults status and "grown" ups.

2. Short Summery
The family begins to move around again. They leave Blyth and move to Battle Mountain. They are going to strike it rich when they find gold in the mountains. but they do not. The family meets this boy named Billy and he kisses Jeannette and begins to unbutton his pants until someone comes in to inturrupt the whole attack. He begins to tell people that he kissed Jeannette but she claims that it wasn't a kiss because her eyes were open. He yells at her by saying that he raped her but response because she didn't know what rape was would be "so what!". he then shows up at the depot(where they were living) with a bb gun and begins to shoot the kids-parents where at the Owl Club. Lori gets dad's gun and beings to shoot real bullets at him. The parents come home later with a police officer who tells them to be in court the next day to discuss what went on. So once again they pack up and leave...

3. Personal Reaction
My personal reaction would be that all this fleeing has got to cause more trouble for these small towns. They must have hundreds of people coming after them!

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