Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Blog.

One type of debate that you can have is with your parents. An example of this would be the debate of extending your curfew. This debate normally occurs at home, or over the dinner table somewhere. The purpose that it serves to the daughter/son’s case would be that it would give them more time outside of the home on Friday and Saturday nights. The purpose that it serves to the parents would be to inform the child of why they have the curfew they have, or to inform them how to earn a later one. This debate might end with a better decision or it could have a very bad outcome, such as an even worse curfew. This debate would most likely be unstructured.

Another type of debate that you can have would be with your teacher. An example of this would be the debate over a better grade. This would normally occur in the classroom or some place at school. The purpose that it serves to the student would be to see if they can earn a better grade and to find out the reasons why they earned the score they did. The purpose that it serves for the teacher would be to re-check the students work and see if they did indeed make a minor mistake, or to teach the student how to do better next time. This debate could help arrive at a better decision by helping the student learn how to produce better work. This debate could also arrive at a bad decision by the student of which he/she decides to give up on the class. This would once again be an unstructured debate.

A third and final in my thoughts would be the debate between an employer and his/her employee. The debate would normally occur in the office place, perhaps at a meeting, or at a company dinner. The debate could be about anything from a raise to how to make more profits as a company. The purpose it would serve to the employee would be that they could earn more money or help the company benefit. The purpose that it would serve for the boss would be that they could learn the opposing view of his employee on how the company should be ran. This debate might end with a better outcome for both of the candidates. This debate would most likely be structured, considering they would be facing their employer.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post B. The Slow Moon.

In this section of my book, I began to notice many trends. One trend is that the teenagers in the book barely have a say in the society. I say this because; when Sophie was abused and raped, they blamed her boyfriend Crow right away. When there was no possible way that he could have done it. They do not let him speak his opinion, or state his alibi. The mother of Sophie was not even considering letting Crow get away, even though she never heard the truth from Sophie herself. The mother was just going off the evidence she had heard, not even witnessed. Another trend in the book is the claim from everyone in town that Crow would never commit such a crime. But yet everyone keeps those thoughts to themselves. They would not testify or tell anyone their view on how good of a person Crow is. There is also connections from the book to the real world. One of these connections would be that Sophie is assaulted and raped. Now that is a real life issue. You seen news headlines all the time of topics such as these. The book really takes an example of these stories and puts it into play. The author shows the family and small town’s side of one of these truly horrific incidents. This book is also connected to another book that I read, I can’t quite remember the name, but a boyfriend was accused of a girls death. When in the end they found that he had done nothing but try to save her.

Post A The Slow Moon

1. Vocabulary-
persimmon(3)- N
1. Any of various chiefly tropical trees of the genus Diospyros, having hard wood and orange-red fruit that is edible only when completely ripe.
2. The fruit of any of these trees.
acquinesce(3)- V.
1. to assent tacitly, submit or comply silently or without protest, agree, consent.

2. " 'can you do anything about it?' he said" (page 18). This quote is significant because there is a very large conflict with Crow and the rest of the town. All he hopes is that someone can do something about it. He asked this because he cannot do anything to help himself in the situation he was in because nobody, not even his father will listen to him.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Outside Reading- 2nd Quarter.

1. The Slow Moon by Elizabeth Cox

2. Copyright 2006

3. The book is Fiction.

4. There are exactly 300 pages. Not including Acknowledgements or Reading Guide.

5. Well the main example for why it would be challenging for a sophmore would be the fact that the kind gentleman at Barnes and Noble told me so. Another reason would be that it was in the Adult fiction section at the bookstore, going along with the fact that there is an adult topic being discussed in the book.

6. I am not going to lie, I chose a book by its cover. There was also the influence of the man who worked at the bookstore, when he explained the book it interested me.