Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside-Post. 1

( I chose to do the alternative assignment for my outside reading memoir.)

My reaction and response to the film is that it was a very sad story. A story of someone who was completely locked into their body but all they wanted to be is free. He wouldn't settle for anything less. My opinion on Ramon's request for assisted suicide was mainly neutral. Right now, with the capability of walking and moving around I disagree with Ramon's request. But if I were to be put into Ramon's place my train of thought might completely be switch around, I know the same things would be going through my mind. The court's response to him was very much expected in my eyes. They thought that it was outragous for him to have that thought, or even having considered bringing that request to court. My response to Ramon's final action was a sense of relief. By the end of the film I realized all the emotional pain that he goes through every day. When he was able to finally get what he had wanted for 26 years, I felt like he was finally somewhere comfortable, somewhere that he could finally move freely and be with the people he loved. I definetly do not think negatively about his friends who helped him. They were just trying to do the best thing for him, the best thing being what he wanted. The people who helped assist him in that actual suicide didn't even really know that they were helping him such as when his sister-in-law gave him the extra pills, "come on, two more won't kill me".

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