Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Glass Castle Pt. 4 Post 1

Quote 1. “‘Everyone has something good about them,” she said. “You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that”(144). This is told to the author when she is talking about her grandmother Erma. Jeannette says that he “hates” her but when her mother tells her this, she begins to think about everything that Erma has been through. This quote is important to the book because the Walls family never judged someone for what they look like, they always found a deeper meaning for who they were and loved them for that. This struck me as important because I also try to follow the words of this quote. I think that it is important to find that there is good in everyone and that you should not judge people before you know those good qualities.

Quote 2. “‘This is home now’“ this is was said by Rex Walls, Jeannette’s father, when they moved back to Phoenix. This quote is important to the book because it gives you a certain uneasy feeling while reading it. In the book and especially in the beginning the Walls family moves around a ton. They can never seem to find a home and stay there. So when this quote added the now at the end it made me feel as though this is just another adventure along the Wall’s life journey.

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