Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post B. Section 3. (The Slow Moon)

In chapter thirteen, there is conversation between Bobby, his friends, and Crow. It begins with the boys saying, “They can’t pin this on Crow.” (Page 89). This quote relates because it informs the reader how all Crows friends are on his side. Later on in the chapter Bobby receives a letter from his father, of whom he had always believed to be dead, informing him that he wants to have Bobby be part of his life again. They talk about how Crow and Bobby came to be best friends, with Crow sticking up for Bobby in a difficult situation in the first grade. The book then breaks into a section called “Old Ground”. The first chapter of this section is about Sophie Chabot moving to Mulberry Street in Tennessee. They inform the reader that her father, Ben Chabot, was a forest park ranger in Montana (where they used to live). They speak of his tragic death in a forest fire and their difficult struggle to overcome the tragic loss. The next chapter talks about Sophie meeting Bobby and all his friends at their band practice. Sophie immediately thinks that Bobby is attractive when they go to his house for a dinner-which his mother invited Sophie and her mother, Rita, to. While at the band practice, Sophie meets Crow for the first time; although they never spoke, Sophie caught Crow staring at her numerous times. “Crow stared at Sophie but never approached her.” (Page 116). Over the next few chapters, they inform you of how Bobby tries to become closer to Sophie because he finds her attractive. He takes her out to ice cream, and asks to kiss her. Sophie does not feel the same way back, so the kiss was not very dramatic.

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