Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post B. Part 4. (The Slow Moon).


In these chapters, the book really begins to connect with the outside world. The actions that Crow and his friends take always seem to have real life outcomes. And example of this would be in chapter twenty the boys go out and build a fire near the quarry. They go there because Casey and Bobby want to share some news that has happened in their lives. While they are there, Bobby brings out a gun that he has owned for a few months. He takes it out because he just wants to show them that he has it, he had no bad intentions. While he has the gun out though, it is fired two times. Unlike most fictions books you read, the boys get concerned about their action of shooting the gun, and the police come (page 143). In the first chapter, it tells the story of Lester taking Sophie to the school’s spring dance and how she dances with Bobby, but truly only wants to dance with Crow. In the next chapter, Crow goes to Sophie’s house to apologize to her that Bobby was being such a jerk, “That was cold. I mean, it’s not like you did anything wrong.” (page 135). Crow says these words to Sophie to make her feel less guilty about dancing with him and Bobby at the dance, Sophie does not like Bobby and that makes Bobby very angry. He is angry because the one girl that he finally wants is the one girl who does not like him. In the next few chapters they talk about Crows court case. Crow is acquitted but they all still mourn for what happened to Sophie. Bobby’s mother is still very concerned about what happened and is very worried about the fact that there are still dangerous people out there.

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