Sunday, December 2, 2007

Part 2. Section 2. (The Slow Moon.)

In the beginning of this section, the first chapter talks about what happen to Sophie from her view point even though Sophie is not the one telling it. It describes how closely Crow cares about Sophie. “When someone teased him about her, he made a noise through his nose. ‘You wish!’ he said”. This quote ties in because it describes that Crow cared for Sophie even though others thought that he might not deserve her, or that they should not be together. The chapter continues by talking about what happened while Crow was away. It gets descriptive and talks about how numerous men were at the scene while he was away, they inform the reader how Sophie insisted on her attacker to stop but all they did was abuse her more. In the next chapter, there is a conversation between one of Crow’s teachers and his old little league coach. The conversation is based on all of the good times they had with Crow, and how they think he could have never committed such a horrific crime. In the chapter that follows, Louise Burden comes to the Davenport (Crow’s) household. She talks with Helen (Crow’s mother). They exchange details on the situation and they learn each other’s side of the story. Helen informs Louise that Crow cannot stop talking/thinking about Sophie, and Louise tells Helen that Sophie will not even speak of that night, not even to her parents. In the Tenth chapter of the book there is a lot of drama. Ava, Helen’s sister, comes to town. She comes only because Carl (Crow’s father) asked her to come. Earlier in the lives of these characters, Carl and Ava had a minor affair. Helen secretly knew about it, but considering everything that she put Carl through, she let it slide. Now with Ava in town, the stress level increases. Carl decided that he needs to be there for Helen and that Ava should really only be in town to help keep Helen from having a break down.

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