Sunday, December 23, 2007

Post B. Part 5. (The Slow Moon).

In the beginning of the section, Crow is acquitted and the family seems relieved although Helen (Crows mother) seems as though that was not enough. Bobby comes to the Davenports to talk to Crow, try to cheer him up, while informing him that everyone is going to the river. When Crow arrives after everyone had been waiting, they begin to discuss and exchange information on the Battle of the Bands. An argument breaks out, when Lester suggests that they all go jump off the cliff into the river like the old days. Crow gets edgy but participates anyways, for a while it all seems like everything is well again. In the view of Sophie, the trial my have been over for Crow but Sophie still had troubles of her own. “The trail was over, but nothing seemed over for Sophie. She still had sleepless nights and was afraid to close her eyes for fear that something terrible might happen in her dreams, or in her life” (Page 175). Crow and she finally talk when he runs into her as she is walking out of the local hardware store where her mother works. He offers her a ride home and she accepts. He asks her if she was angry at him for stating everything that happen between them in court, she said no that he had to say what he must. Before Crow leaves, Sophie informs him that she cannot take the pressure of everything that is happening in town right now and that she wants to go back to Montana. She asks her mother if she could go, and her mother asks her how long. She begs to stay the whole summer by herself but they compromise on only a month or two. The section ends with Crow driving past Sophie’s house, awaiting her return even though she had only been gone for a week.

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