Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog #1

The thing that I am most anxious about at Edina High School is the sports seasons. I really enjoy going to varsity football games in the fall, varsity basketball in the winter, and participating in synchronized swimming in the spring. I'm also really anxious about being part of Edina High because I am now allowed on the "high school field trips" hosted by my church. These consist of being a chaperone to many events for the younger parishners. One last thing that I am anxious for is not having to ride the bus! I have some friends that also attend Edina that are seniors so I have a more standing out in the snow to get on a large stinky bus that will only get stuck in the snow.

One goal for myself this year would be to get constant good grades. My grades normally do a nice rollar coaster ride, except its not that nice it's more like the Wild Thing on steroids...
I can never seem to get my grades to always be constant. If they ever are constant, they aren't great. I have never had super bad grades and I want my goal to be to keep that.

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