Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Post B. Section 7. The Slow Moon.

In this very last section of the book, it begins with Rita purchasing sandwiches from Charlie’s favorite deli and her preparing brownies for him to come over and eat for lunch. It spoke of how the weeks without Sophie had greatly spurred their romance and brought them closer together than ever. The book talked of there first kiss, their first time together and how unique Charlie was and how Rita was not able to be anyone else after Ben. But Charlie was different she had determined. When Sophie returned to town, she called Bobby within a few days. She remembered who had raped her that night. “You’ve got to say what you did Bobby.” (page 244) is what Sophie said to Bobby. Bobby, Tom, and Casey were the boys that had raped her. She needed them to admit what they had done so that she did not have to go through questioning. You find out that Bobby and his friends had been drinking when they attacked her, he didn’t know why they did it. He claimed that they were all out of their minds that night. She makes sure that he is going to turn himself in with the others numerous times and Bobby reassures her, that yes, he will.

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