Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Post B. Section 6. The Slow Moon.


In the beginning of this section Aurelia Bailey, Bobby’s mother, was on her way down a highway. She then exited due to fact that she grew bored of no scenery and wanted something for her eyes to enjoy. When she reached her destination, Kentucky, of which she drove to in order to get Bobby. She noticed Robert, her ex-husband, did not look nearly the same as he had when she last saw him. His hair had turned gray; skin became rough-edged, and had a lineny texture to him. She learned that Bobby had only had an okay time, and realized that he did not like the presence of his father as much as he had imagined he would. He asked if she had ever gone to see him while he was in the slammer, she responded, “Once. Once I did. It was his thirtieth birthday.” (Page 213). Bobby did not seem as interested in the topic as he was prior to meeting his father. In the chapter following Tom came home from band practice at Casey’s house to find his family packing for a trip. He finds out that Peter, his brother, was docked in Norfolk, Virginia for a few days and that they were going to go visit him while he was there. They would be visiting him the same weekend that the band is scheduled to play at Sweetwater, where they had been booked for months. His parents give him no mercy and tell him that the band will just have to play without him. The chapter following that about Grace and Sophie, it talks about how they did not have a chance to be alone the whole evening. “Grace did not want to say it, but she thought Sophie looked terrible. Sophie was thin, her skin looked like plastic, rubbery, her expression one of forced reasonableness.

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